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We have a highrate and a lowRate server
They are designed to have the most fun on it
enjoy the game xD


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PowerRate Test Server


Posted on 26th Oct 2014 20:56:28 by PowerChaos[PM]

Dear users
At current moment we got a new server ready that can be tested out

We prepared a few accounts on that server that are free to be tested with

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RE: GM Application
Posted on Sunday December 28, 2014 by ThePlague[GM]

Killmee and i both know this player from in game. Hes friendly and very helpful, have tested with noob chars.

GM Application
Posted on Sunday December 28, 2014 by Mr.Casinos

Hello I'd lke to introduce myself..my name is Jack and i 20 yo,i would lke to apply as a GM on LowRate Server because i am a active player lately.I've play eu since 2008 n got a lot enough exp from there to success this server. Referer> ThePlague[GM]

Developer Application
Posted on Thursday December 25, 2014 by [No Character] 1000596

Hello peps, first sorry for my english it sucks... my name is wever kley and i am 19 years old, i would like to apply for Development no matter wich server low,mid or high rate, well i only want to help out and make great server that everyone like to play.
i used to have some servers already (3 or 4) , i have made one old style, and i have made it from scratch like yours...
i know how to make itens, add new itens, how to add new pets, make new pets, how to make quest, monsters and events.
both db side and client side!
plus i can code some lines for web(PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript), and i know enough about graphic arts... ( Photoshop and CorelDraw)
i have worked for 2 years with graphic arts...
1 year with mysql database...

RE: Old Client
Posted on Thursday December 25, 2014 by PowerChaos[PM]

Also you could use the normal client download
our installer start from patch 1014
you also need the client download to have some critical files

Probably you can't do anything with the patch only

The client can be found at the homepage

Greets from powerchaos

Old Client
Posted on Thursday December 25, 2014 by Killmee[PM]

Hello everyone. We are going back on using the old client, you can download it from here http://eo.demonpower.com/patch/1015.exe and use play.exe to open it. It will auto-patch and you will have all the new things added.
As for a Christmas event I added some casuals in mall ( they will be there just for 2 weeks ) and bosses will drop for a week SnowyXmasRobe.
On HighRate they aren't currenly added with the next maintenance everything will be added there too and some bugs will be fixed ( DarkNightDuke is bugged and can't be bought right now)

Have fun,

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St.Valentinewazzzuuuupppp everyone :D
St.ValentineB> vanquisher egg/level 1 10 eps each

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