Welcome to our BETA Server
We have a highrate and a lowRate server
They are designed to have the most fun on it
enjoy the game xD

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LowRate -> PowerRate


Posted on 20th Oct 2014 13:51:31 by PowerChaos[PM]

Dear users

We are upgrading our lowrate server to a PowerRate server that contains vampire and more stuff

This upgrade contains a big patch ( of 1GB ) and no other client is needed

please click on read more for more information

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NickHi Tiny.
TinyHello :)
NickGet on this server guys.
Damion~Vondrananyone on this server?

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Last Shout was at 24/10/2014 @ 23:46:54
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Cedry2k #24
QuToZPm can you give me mageatkdef 15 star pleace or not 15 star
TrashmanAlert...PM online xD

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