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We have a highrate and a lowRate server
They are designed to have the most fun on it
enjoy the game xD

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New Server ? Vote Now


Posted on 8th Jul 2014 01:11:43 by PowerChaos[PM]

Dear users
We got now a new developer That will maintain demonpower
Our older developer will still work on demonpower but our new developer will take care of most things

So we come here to deside if we keep both servers or that one server need to be removed and replaced with a other server


You can vote here

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Last Shout was at 19/08/2014 @ 02:49:19
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Damion~Vondrananyone on this server?
ChanceAny1 here?
typeRlol..no boss..i wasted 3 hours for shearching them..#16
Shadow95anyone there :) ?

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Last Shout was at 21/08/2014 @ 22:51:47
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FenixTriggerHappy you maybe need some help from me? I ccan do it faster than you ...
Fenixgo back to school TriggerHappy, And next time pay attention ...
FenixTriggerHappy are you always that slow or what?
Damion~Vondrani see this server still up and running
Shadow95 offer

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